ATTENTION: For Men who are serious about Prioritizing their Wellbeing in 2022.
Learn how to become Unsinkable and Overcome Depression 

Nearly one in two men feel depressed. There will be times when the pressures of life may plunge you into a deep depression, Men Choosing Safety will teach you practical ways to deal with depression

  • If you are struggling with depression or anxiety,  you may not talk about it.  We want you to know you are not alone. 
  • Depression can be uncomfortable to talk about, but that needs to change. We are hoping you will learn some tools in this training to be more vocal about what you’re going through as well.
  • You can still be successful in spite of, or in addition to, your depression or other mental health challenges you are going through right now
What You Will Learn From This Workshop Course:
Secret #1: How To Be Alert to and  Manage Depression-Prone Situations
Secret #2: How To  Apply Depression Preventative Self-Care Strategies 
Secret #3: How To Manage and Change Self-Defeating Thoughts to Overcome Depression 

Men Choosing Safety Organization is dedicated to amplify hope to men from all walks of life, who are battling depression. 

We hope that as you listen to this workshop you will not feel alone, you will instead be encouraged, and walk away with some tools and resources to help you move forward as you deal with depression

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